The companies EXCALIBUR ARMY and RESOURCE INDUSTRIES signed a contract for the production of hundreds of vehicles on Tatra chassis. At the IDEX 2023 fair, the Czech company EXCALIBUR ARMY belonging to the CZECHOSLOVAK GROUP holding and the RESOURCE INDUSTRIES company from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) announced the conclusion of a contract worth up to 77 million euros for the production and supply of vehicles on Tatra chassis.

The newly concluded contract between EXCALIBUR ARMY and RESOURCE INDUSTRIES will enable the latter company to produce and deliver to the market in the United Arab Emirates two hundred vehicles with Tatra chassis for military and civilian purposes. In addition, EXCALIBUR ARMY will supply Treva 30 rescue and evacuation vehicles as part of the contract.

The contract also follows on from the previous order for the delivery of Patriot II armored vehicles, which can be seen at the IDEX 2023 fair at the stand of the CZECHOSLOVAK GROUP holding companies and also at the RESOURCE INDUSTRIES exhibition.

Following the announced significant contract, EXCALIBUR ARMY and RESOURCE INDUSTRIES expect further close cooperation in the future. In this sense, the two companies signed a letter of authorization based on which RESOURCE INDUSTRIES holds exclusive rights to the production, distribution and presentation of vehicles on Tatra Force chassis for the United Arab Emirates, including the provision of service services and spare parts.


RESOURCE INDUSTRIES will assemble vehicles on Tatra chassis in its own production facility directly in the United Arab Emirates, EXCALIBUR ARMY will provide CKD kits and some structural subassemblies for this operation.

The company EXCALIBUR ARMY belonging to the CZECHOSLOVAK GROUP holding is a Czech manufacturer and seller of heavy military vehicles, spare parts, weapons, ammunition and other military equipment. It focuses on the development and production of modern land-based armored and special vehicles, as well as the service and modernization of land-based military equipment.

The company has customers all over the world and cooperates with renowned global producers of security technologies.

Headquartered in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, RESOURCE INDUSTRIES is a leading defense corporation in the Middle East, offering a wide range of products and services. These include production, development, research and logistics in the field of military vehicles, unmanned aerial systems, weapons and special electronic equipment.

Its team of experts creates a comprehensive defense program tailored to the needs of customers around the world. (sfr)

The Patriot II at the CSG booth at IDEX 2023.