The companies of the CSG Aerospace division will present products at the Airspace World exhibition in Geneva. The first edition of the Airspace World 2023 trade fair will be held in Geneva, Switzerland, from March 8 to 10. The prestigious event will be attended by the CSG Aerospace division of the Czechoslovak Group industrial and technological holding.

The software companies CS SOFT and ATRAK, the Pardubice radar companies ELDIS and RETIA will present their products and services, and UPVISION will also join them.

Andrej Čírtek informed about it for CSG holding.

Airspace World replaces the World ATM Congress, which was regularly held in Madrid, Spain, on the same pre-spring date in previous years. Airspace World thus continues the tradition of the largest and most prestigious event in the field of air traffic control and management in the world.

CS SOFT will present its products for air traffic control services in Geneva. Specifically, it will be the ALS ATM system, the ATC simulator, the Pagoda solution for monitoring data link traffic, the Traffic Complexity Manager or the improved multi-purpose tool for situational overview and investigation of aviation incidents RadarView. The upcoming CWS web display solution will also be on display.

ATRAK, another software company of the division based at Prague’s Václav Havel Airport, will present its products designed especially for air traffic control at the fair. This will be, for example, the Aeronautical Billing (ATRAK-AB) product, a fully automated billing system that collects and processes flight plan data from ATM systems and optionally from other sources. Other systems presented at the fair will be Aeronautical Statistics (ATRAK-AS), Aeronautical Information Management (ATRAK-AIM). A software solution in the field of UTM (Unmanned Aircraft System Traffic Management) will also be presented – the result of UPVISION’s cooperation with ATRAK and CS SOFT.

The Pardubice company ELDIS will present its entire range of active radars on the airport model. These radars are included in the RPL-2000 assembly, which is designed to provide a complete air traffic control solution. The RPL-2000 radar set consists of the RL-2000 primary surveillance radar, the MSSR-1 monopulse secondary surveillance radar, and the PAR-E precision approach radar. The set of radars is complemented by the ERDIS air traffic control software system.

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RETIA will present its well-known ReGuard 3D radar newly incorporated into the ReCas anti-drone system. It is intended for both civilian and military applications and can act against drones both by means of disruptive soft kill means and also by means of hard kill tools capable of eliminating them.

Another exhibit will be the sophisticated ReDAT system for recording voice, image and other relevant data, which is able to automatically analyze it so that it is available to users in a clear and structured form. A highly modular system with a wide integration potential fully covers the recording needs not only in the field of air traffic control (ATM/ATC).

For the first time, the company UPVISION will be presented as part of the CSG Aerospace exhibition. It provides world-class airspace management and access services for drone operators with the ability to create and share dynamic data with all drone users. UPVISION develops software solutions and develops operational procedures enabling the safe movement of drones in the airspace.

It also operates in the field of using unmanned systems for various types of aerial work, as well as protection against risky and unauthorized use of unmanned systems.

CSG Aerospace is a division of the Czechoslovak Group holding, which covers Czech and Slovak companies operating in fields related to aviation. The companies complement each other with their products and services and offer customers comprehensive and professional solutions in many areas of the civil and security sectors.

The division is made up of companies such as ELDIS, RETIA, European Air Services, Česká letecká servisní, CS SOFT, ATRAK, JOB AIR Technic, UPVISION or the Slovak Training Academy. (sfr)