Due to their universal use for multifunctional ATVs, the cabins of the DFK Modular ATV Cab Kit type series are designed mainly to increase work and weather comfort and so improve the performance of ATVs. These can be used for communal services, such as road cleaning, landscaping or gardening work provided by municipalities.

The cabins of the DFK Modular ATV Cab Kit type series are also a sought-after helper for farmers and their work – transport on a variety of terrains.

Rain, cold or mud can be an issue when driving an open ATV / UTV vehicle. All this can be solved by a cab fitted additionally to such a vehicle. DFK Cab’s new multifunctional product brings new benefits to ATVs.

The cabs from the DFK Cab are a comprehensive and clever solution to the issues of open off-road vehicles in the ATV category. It’s not just about „roofing“ an off-road vehicle. The new cabs from DFK Cab also reliably provide heating which works in the same way as in a classic car.

They can eliminate phenomena such as fogging of the glass or poor drainage of water. Perfect windshield washers and wipers are a matter of course. The big advantage is the glass door, the vehicle user can see the surrounding terrain even from a closed cabin. (byp)